Fall weddings – A memorable Event

Fall weddings incorporate the themes of fall season. The falling leaves create a great backdrop to the marriage ceremonies that are held in the fall season. The food and crops that are grown during this season also form an important part of fall weddings. Many items can be chosen to decorate the ceremonies of fall weddings. Natural sceneries that are seen during the fall season form an important part of the fall wedding invitation cards. Pumpkins grown during the fall season are greatly used in the fall weddings. Pumpkins may be used as cake toppers or may be cut into decorative pieces and used as centerpieces. Orange color symbolizes love and passion. The use of pumpkins adds a warm and friendly touch to the wedding atmosphere. While preparing a fall wedding invitation one must keep in mind that he should include all the relevant details like location, date and other information which is necessary. The guest must be clear about when the wedding is going to take place and also know the theme of the wedding. The most common impression that people get about the fall season is that it is the season of leaves changing their colors and weather turning cooler. One must stick to the theme that is selected for the occasion and the guests must be made aware of the theme that is chosen. This is done by the fall wedding invitations which include all items depicting fall season.

fall weddings

Myths regarding fall weddings

Fall weddings tend to include the traditions and items of the fall season. It is usually thought that the fall wedding invitations must include only that is found in fall season and nothing else. This however is completely wrong. The fall wedding invitations may use bright colors as well along with dull colors like chocolate brown which go with the theme of the season. Hot pink color can be used in combination with a charcoal gray color. Tiffany blue color can be used with mocha. Another common myth is to incorporate pumpkins. It is not necessary to include pumpkins into aesthetics of the fall weddings. As it is the season of the harvesting we can use grains like wheat and millets to add ambience to the atmosphere. Even fruits like apple, grapes, and pomegranate can be used to depict a pumpkin free atmosphere of the wedding. Another common myth is that fall weddings must be held indoors only. The same ambience can be created outdoors by the use of many heat lamps and colorful and lively decoration. The temperature can be controlled using jackets and serving hot food items to our guests.

Decorations of fall weddings invitation cards

For fall wedding invitations we need to keep many things in our mind. The invites must contain the necessary information like the place, time and date where the function is going to be held. If the theme of the wedding is going to be romantic and an elegant one, the invitation must be adorable and casual to match with the theme. Pumpkins can be drawn to bring a feel of the fall season. Creative designs can help a lot in making our invitations cards make our guests feel special. Fall Wedding invitations are the first step in making fall weddings memorable.

The elegance of fall weddings

Can you think of a decor for a wedding as marvellous as a cold pressed cider apple, donuts spiced with warm pumpkins and the other aspects of the autumn season? This is the underlying theme of fall weddings. These kinds of weddings provide the couple with the opportunity to say “I do” in an environment which is close to the nature. The couples who are in just awe of the various aspects of the nature and its seasons particularly plan a fall wedding. The bottom line is the different kind of fun and fascination linked with these kinds of weddings as everything is presented from the decor to the favors in a great and unique style. Let’s have an insight on this wedding style.

fall wedding

Fall wedding: catering ideas

The wedding during the season of fall allows for many of the fresh ideas for the menu. The food fanatics usually ask for a wedding in the autumn season as there is the presence of numerous of plate pleasing methods to satisfy the appetites of the couple and the guest alike. These days couples are shying away from the standard salad presented as the starters. Instead different sort of soup is preferred, which goes with the flavour of the wedding. For the main element, the classic dishes such as the roasted chicken, salmon and filet are catered to delight the sweet tooth of the crowd. A distinct sort of dish often catered during these weddings is the pot pies filled with fall vegetables such as onions, carrots, turnips and chicken. For sweets, apple tarts and gooey Brownies are served apart from the delicious and extravagant wedding cake.

Fall wedding: flower ideas

The selection of flowers for a fall inspired wedding is an intriguing task. The autumn season is marked by the fall, so picking flowers which symbolize the season of fall becomes a challenging task. The grandeur of the autumn wedding is maintained by use of different sorts of interesting textures of flowers. A wide number of flowers are used for the decor which goes with the colour theme. The feathery Crocosmia is the most preferred amongst the classic range of flowers. Plants such as Aubergine or a cactus are used as the centerpieces for the reception. The bouquets carried by the bride are well structured and polished in different colour schemes.

Fall wedding: favor ideas

The guests should be on a high with the distinct wedding favors presented in the fall inspired wedding. The most prominent favor is the caramel apples, which is the epitome of the season of fall. The apples can be packed in a lovely box and tied with a decorative ribbon. The next widely used favor is the soy candles packed in a pretty box which can capture the closeness which the season of fall signifies. The candles can be purchased in the shades of orange, brown and yellow to be presented to the guests as keepsakes and make the day more memorable. The other favor is the all time favourite of the lot, the chocolates but with a twist. The chocolates are not the regular one, instead are gifted in the shape of a maple leaf. The maples leaved shaped chocolates which mark the theme of a fall wedding are displayed next to the dessert table.